In 2020 we managed to implement the project "Functional Athletic Development" project funded by the IMC.

Project "Functional Athletic Development" (NPIMD-H2-T3-009) of Sports Club "Phare" - Burgas with entry number 09-00-1905 / 13.03.2020 and contract 25-00-51 / 26.06.2020 is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in connection with the implementation of Direction 2 of the National Program for implementation of youth activities under Art. 10a of the Gambling Act for 2020

Main goals of the project:
The main goal of the project is aimed at building sustainable habits for socially responsible behavior in the direction of a healthy lifestyle and the use of sports as a tool for the development of key skills and competencies. Through a series of outdoor activities, we plan to reach a large number of young people, who will then be:
• More informed about the types of risks from the unhealthy way and ways to deal with them;
• Acquire skills for dealing with risk situations and stress;
• To learn basic skills for practicing sports activities and motivation to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle;
• To acquaint them with the opportunities for self-improvement through formal and informal methods of education.
• To develop social responsibility and skills for coping, making decisions under stress and tension.
Our project proposal is in response to the deepening problems related to the health status of young people. We are an organization that is directly involved with young people - their life, development, environment and realization and we are concerned about the trends we observe. The young people we have contact with are between 15 and 29 years old and what we can summarize in our experience with them is worrying:
- young people have a deteriorating state of health, which leads to various types of negative manifestations in physical and mental aspects: obesity, depression, aggressive behavior, propensity to abuse substances and disorders;
- Young people do not have established habits for a healthy lifestyle and do not consider sports as an alternative to socially responsible behavior;
- deepening the lack of intergenerational dialogue - socially, personally, professionally, even through the use of sport as a tool;
- we have found that a large number of them do not have the initiative, enthusiasm and interest supposed for their age;
- Physically, most young people are in poor health;

Project implementation period: June - October, 2020

E1 - Organization and management
D2 - Publicity
E3 - Round table focused on the sports sector and the problems it has
E4 - Information campaigns
E5 - Conducting demonstrations and public events to present and promote various opportunities for leisure sports as an alternative to risky behavior
E6 - Sports events to promote a healthy lifestyle and / or to prevent risky behavior among young people

Association "Sports club Lighthouse" is the unification of ours ideas, dreams and desire to develop and support the youth and sport sector.

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