Aims and objectives

Association "Sports club Lighthouse" is the unification of ours ideas, dreams and desire to develop and support the youth and sport sector. We have set our focus on improving the skills and competences of young people, youth workers and other key stakeholders in and through sport, putting special attention to education, volunteering and social inclusion.
The name and logo of our Sports club “ Lighthouse “ has the symbolism of a guiding light in the turmoil of events. For most of us sports, nature and the love for movement have been the supporting light, guiding us through different life events and choices. In line with sport, each of us has been or is still a devout athlete, competing at local, regional and European/world level. Having been closely linked to grass-root sport movement, as well as high-level professional or amateur level, the issues, relations and obstacles that are present in the context are well known to us. It is our desire to use the experience that we have gained through years of athlete development (as athletes, coaches and mentors), enrich it with the professional competences acquired and disseminate, exchange good practices and network among equal stakeholders and relevant target groups in the sport and youth context.

We have seth forth the following objectives :

– Promoting physical culture and literacy trough multi-sport and grass-root sport activities;
– Promoting different outdoor sports and activities, to develop sports culture among the younger generation.
– Working with youth and people with fewer opportunities including disadvantaged youth.
– Cooperate for the facilitation and ease of access to a variety of sports such as strength athletics, track and field, martial arts, restoration movement and rehab
– Encourage cooperation with national and international youth organizations to exchange experience in the field of education, sport literacy, grassroot sport development, awareness raising and promoting health-enhancing physical activity
– To draw attention to the core values of sports as enshrined in the Olympic movement charters ;

All of the educational activities in our club are relayed through the methods of non-formal education and informal learning. As a team of experts we have been working actively in the field of sports and are an avid promoter of equal rights to sports, social cohesion and active citizenship.

Over the years, our team has accumulated invaluable experience in implementing, developing and managing projects and activities aimed at working with youth, socially disadvantaged groups and disadvantaged young people

Dimo Benev is a sports pedagogue and coach, author, youth worker and athlete at national and international level in various sports. His development in sports from athlete to coach covers a period of over 20 years in the fields of weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, as well as participation in competitions in ultramarathons and functional sports.

Sports context
- Certified powerlifting coach (NSA Vasil Levski) with more than 10 years of experience as a coach
- Sports teacher
- Author of a number of articles, methodologies and publications related to training methodology through contrast methods
- Coach of national, European and world champions in the field of powerlifting and bodybuilding
- Member of the coaching board of the Bulgarian Power Tribe Federation
- National power tribe judge
- Organized and held 14 international events and seminars for exchange of good practices in Romania, Serbia, Greece and Northern Macedonia in order to improve grassroots sports and work with young people and children
- Winner of medals and titles from national, Balkan and European championships

Social and youth context
- Organized and conducted over 15 charitable initiatives aimed at raising funds for athletes affected by sports-related accidents, children with disabilities and raising awareness about the health of young people
- Annual amateur tournament "Temple of Power", which has been held since 2009
- Charity tournament for Georgi Ognyanov in 2012 and 2013, a national sambo athlete who remains paralyzed due to a trauma injury during a competition
- Charity tournament "Let's help Nikoletka" in 2014, who suffers from a congenital disease - muscular dystrophy
- Co-organizer of free events "Trainings in nature", which aim to raise awareness about obesity and physical activity order nature

Development strategy:
- Encouraging mass sports in the district of Burgas by conducting free classes and events aimed at young people, children and adults on the principle of functional training through the combination of free movements and basic athletic activities.
- Organizing competitions in mountain / asphalt running, duathlon and triathlon in small and large settlements, which allow beginners and amateurs to touch the sports movement with a comfortable environment for them
- Carrying out charitable initiatives aimed at the development of grassroots sports, sports, tourism and sports movement
- Organizing lectures, seminars and round tables to work with young people, experts, sports educators, coaches and key stakeholders on topics related to sports methodology, training, nutrition, common mistakes and problems for amateurs

Association "Sports club Lighthouse" is the unification of ours ideas, dreams and desire to develop and support the youth and sport sector.

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